Free delivery within 10km & other provinces - ส่งฟรีเขดไก้คๅงและต่างแขวง


1. Are all items in the shop in stock or do you order them?

The items that you see in the store are available and are updated on a daily base. Once an item is not available it will be marked as temporarily not available or completely taken out of the store.

2. How do I order?

Just use messenger via our website or facebook page or shoot us a message via whatsapp (020) 28000 750.

Do not order via email! We don't sit and check for email all day as most of them land in spam folder or go under due to hundreds of incoming mails. Messenger or Whatsapp only for quick reply and fast ordering process.

3. How do I pay?

- If you live in Vientiane you can either transfer money into one of our bank accounts or pay cash on delivery (COD).

- Provinces other than Vientiane and Vientiane outer areas can choose between Kriangkrai Express, Anousith Express, HAL logistics and Mixay Express if they transfer money in advance. Or we offer COD service with Kriangkrai (free) and HAL logistics (3% fee).